I'm Making AlgoDaily Free

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This morning I emailed my premium subscribers and told them that I'd be cancelling their subscriptions, and afterwards made the AlgoDaily course completely free.

Part of it was the realization that I was solving the wrong problem. I had been trying to offer in-depth solutions to technical interview questions.

After being on both sides of the interview table for nearly a decade, I've come to realize that there's not a lack of content for coding interview prep. If anything, there's too much-- a simple google search for "coding interview questions" nets 282 million search results! (JZ: I've received many emails since publishing this asking what the best resources are. I've pointed them to the technical interview preparation lesson)

What there seems to be a lack of, however, is guidance, teaching grit, and immersive interview experiences. These appear to be the three problems that are still preventing engineers from performing well in technical interviews:

First, by guidance, I mean getting programmers to the point where they're even comfortable approaching any algorithm challenge. It's hard to implement a Binary Search Tree if you can't write a class with pointers. In my opinion, textbooks and most online materials do a terrible job here by incorporating the mathematical theory too early on or making the concepts intimidating.

Secondly, by teaching grit, I'm talking about actually sitting down and forcing oneself to actually DO the problems. Hopefully AlgoDaily's daily emails help a bit with this, and gives a gentle nudge to people in the morning.

Third, you can hit an AlgoDaily or Leetcode challenge every day, but you're still not getting the full interview experience until you've done a few mock interviews. This gives you the full immersive interview experience, and learning to deal with this added pressure is definitely essential.

Beyond that, I also felt it was time to give back.

The internet and open source software have given me my career and a voice. Giving access to the course (and a year's work) to the community is my simple way of saying thanks.

To support the server costs, I'll keep a few ads up as I brainstorm. It'll be exciting to come up with innovative ways to tackle these three problems in the next few months. For now, I simply think that access to interview materials are a solved problem-- the next big 0 to 1 idea will be something totally different, and that's the beauty of the internet. :-)

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