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Someone at Airtable says...

Really positive and encouraging culture. They take care of their employees, especially during this uncertain time with COVID. The product is constantly evolving and needing to scale to meet demand, so lots of interesting engineering problems to tackle.

Airtable Interview Questions

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People at Airtable Say

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No silos: engineering, design, marketing, sales, customer success all work and communicate closely. Everyone is welcome to give feedback on the product and internal processes.
Airtable is a high-quality product that is beloved by users. It has transformed the way many many people work and has a promising growth trajectory.
Interesting challenges in all areas, ranging from novel UI/UX to real-time infrastructure that scales
I was well-paid with good benefits. When I received my offer, I was surprised at how high the pay was. My ancillary benefits were great too. Parental leave was generous for a U. S. -based company. The office was well-stocked with daily catered lunch when I worked there.

Engineering Levels

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Full Stack

200k - Base
300k - Stock
N. A. - Bonus
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

155k - Base
70k - Stock
20k - Bonus
N. A.
N. A.

160k - Base
50k - Stock
N. A. - Bonus
API Development (Back-End)

120k - Base
N. A. - Stock
5k - Bonus

140k - Base
60k - Stock
10k - Bonus