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Someone at Snap says...

Great mid-sized company to work for, with a highly scaled app and a very fun culture. The impact a good engineer can have on the company's bottom line is astonishing compared to larger firms. The company's rough post IPO years are over now, and things are back on the right track. The fast pace of work may not be for everyone. The technology is less mature than at larger companies.

Snap Interview Questions

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People at Snap Say

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You work in the product . You can have direct impact (and can get you fired too). Many new things to be done. Become a professional company or sell it. Stop hiring friends for management positions and hire technical people who knows what we are doing.
In the past few months, I'm seeing very positive changes in the company's engineering culture. We are becoming more transparent, building a data-driven decision-making culture and are also starting to value more on code quality. Similar to what some Wall St. analysts are saying, I think we are learning to become a more mature company.
Lottery ticket, may not be your favorite job but it could be your last job! You may create the seed of an idea that will take root in many other companies, even your competitors. Managers are also writing code, so it's my way or the highway no discussion. You can do either one of these roles well, or you can do both poorly. Two same named guys can't figure it out. Senior management is quite inexperienced, so political bad actors rule the roost. Be sure you speak to a real engineer before interviewing and get their take so that you know what's real and what's not.
You will hone your knife sharpening skills. You will increase your backstab multiplier, if you don’t get fired. You can make your own path to success on the broken backs of your coworkers. Surrounded with low quality engineering culture. Secrecy, secrey, secrecy. No career development whatsoever. Poor decisions all around. Very toxic, mean, exclusionary culture. It's accepted and worse, expected and rewarded.

Engineering Levels

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Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
$140,000 - Base
$74,143 - Stock
Not Available - Bonus
$158,000 - Base
$116,800 - Stock
$29,800 - Bonus
$189,091 - Base
$197,545 - Stock
$15,000 - Bonus
$215,500 - Base
$345,500 - Stock
$10,000 - Bonus