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Very "Pinteresty" environment, DIY, and artsy. Great for those who have a creative passion. Will have random fun events, KnitCon, and can attend studio nights taught by an employee. Lots of work to do, especially in ads and visual search. You will have a lot of impact with the work you do. Very methodical with growth, which leads to building a better product (w/ ads) - Ben, CEO, has a great vision & direction and is very inspirational. Biggest gripe is the amount of people who are not passionate about the company/product. Start developing engineers in house rather than hiring so many outside people, who also may not even care for the product. Also, start looking more at culture fit like other tech companies do.

Interview Questions

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Levenshtein Edit Distance: Write a function that returns the minimum edit distance between two strings and analyze its complexity.
Traverse in a Zig Zag: Print a binary tree in zig zag order.
Implement a Trie: Given a set of words and phrases, and a key, implement an efficient autocomplete algorithm to find all the words and phrases that should be suggested.
Given an array of words, find what is and how long is the length of the longest common substring between two words in the array.
How would you design pinterest’s architecture?
Two players play a game. in this game, there are two piles of identical stones. the number of stones in first pile is a and the number of stones in second pile is b. there is also a positive integer constant k which is a parameter to the game. it stays fixed throughout the game. the players alternate taking turns. when a player's turn comes, that player first selects a pile and then picks any number of stones from that pile - he has to pick at least 1 stone and cannot pick more than k stones. the person who picks the last stone loses.write a method to determine if player 1 has a winning strategy given a, b & k - assume both players play optimally.
Given a binary tree (not a bst) find if a given element exists without using o(n) space.
Describe how you would manually write (css, javascript, html) the infinite grid ui that pinterest uses on its homepage.
Given an array of size mxn print the diagonals.
Given an array of names, print out all the names with the proper conjunctions between them (e.g. commas and "and").

Engineering at Pinterest

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There's lots of opportunity for individual engineers to make big impact (if you are ambitious). For example, two frontend developers created a new feature in their spare time, and it's going to be launched later this year. The company is still paying down some big tech debt, so product velocity has been slow for the past few years. Need faster execution. Amazon/Google/Instabook are innovating faster than before, and are on track to catch up.

I've interned at Pinterest, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Out of all of them, I chose to return to Pinterest for full-time because I found my fellow employees here were extremely passionate about the product. During my internship, my team gave me all of the "cool" tasks because they wanted me to enjoy my internship. There were also plenty of intern events organized, and housing or stipends offered. I made a lot of long-lasting friends while interning here, and so ultimately chose to sign a return offer and now work full-time. The company is growing now and isn't as small as it was during my internship. At the time there were around 500 employees, but now it has more than doubled.

I had a great time as an intern at Pinterest. On the recruiting side of things, the University Recruiting team put together plenty of cool events, and they did a great job of selecting a diverse group of kind, considerate people. I was on a small team and got to work on two features: one shipped, and one did not. My team made me feel like I was part of the company even though I was only an intern, and I made some great connections over the summer. I'll always look back fondly on my Pinternship. The internship's a lot of work, and there were a few days I was in the office pretty late trying to get code in before branch cut the next day. Other than that, it's a good work/life balance.

Attracts a lot of average product managers and strong designers applying for product-design centric company. However, we have a lot of trouble attracting and keeping seasoned engineers. We also tend to attract micro-managing engineering managers who like to run teams like sweat shops focusing on tactics rather than strategy. Look deeper in the current restructuring. Those who are desperately promoting themselves might be bad apples in the making to further the toxic culture of the departed.

Engineering Levels

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$133,125 - Base
$69,688 - Stock
$17,500 - Bonus
$159,636 - Base
$104,634 - Stock
$12,818 - Bonus
$197,714 - Base
$293,429 - Stock
$7,143 - Bonus
$207,500 - Base
$368,750 - Stock
$6,250 - Bonus
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus