Someone at Jane Street says...

The colleagues are great and the salary is one of the best for an internship!

Jane Street Interview Questions

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People at Jane Street Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

A good salary. Besides, it is a financial company emphasizing on technology. Work rotation between New York, London, Hong Kong is very good.
Great compensation & People to work with, interesting problems to solve, work never becomes routine
Amazingly smart and hard working co-workers
Smart coworkers and interesting tech problems

Engineering Levels

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N. A.
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

200k - Base
N. A. - Stock
245k - Bonus
N. A.

120k - Base
N. A. - Stock
25k - Bonus
N. A.
Full Stack

230k - Base
N. A. - Stock
520k - Bonus
N. A.
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

170k - Base
N. A. - Stock
89k - Bonus
Summer Analyst

288k - Base
N. A. - Stock
N. A. - Bonus