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Someone at Electronic Arts says...

Work/life balance. Fun place to work

Electronic Arts Interview Questions

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People at Electronic Arts Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Lots of freedom, great coworkers, nice work-life balance.
Lots of diversity and opportunities for engineering growth
Discussed events that happened over this summer in relation to diversity.
Great perks Socially-conscious Decent pay, especially with stock grants

Engineering Levels

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Associate SE

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
SE 1

90k - Base
12k - Stock
13k - Bonus
SE 2

$128,800 - Base
$24,800 - Stock
$16,800 - Bonus
SE 3

$150,600 - Base
$30,600 - Stock
$22,200 - Bonus
Senior SE 1

$153,667 - Base
$19,167 - Stock
$28,833 - Bonus