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Someone at Two Sigma says...

Good compensation, company invests in employees' training, very good health insurance, free snacks, employees at all levels have a voice, management cares about work life balance, friendly people, very smart people, great values

Two Sigma Interview Questions

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People at Two Sigma Say

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There are some very intelligent people here that you can learn a lot from. The benefits are pretty good, but the base salaries leave something to be desired.
Reasonable amount of work, management cares a lot about your well being, flexible time, good vibes on the team
Collaborative culture with extremely intelligent employees. People are nice, smart, and very driven. The problems are technically challenging, and there are growth opportunities spread throughout the firm. Internal mobility is accepted, and it's possible to have a long career here while working on several different teams/products.
A strong lean towards the DIY in engineering projects means you'll probably learn a lot about parts of the software development process you might not elsewhere.

Engineering Levels

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$153,214 - Base
$3,786 - Stock
$42,286 - Bonus

$165,625 - Base
$2,125 - Stock
$68,125 - Bonus

$176,615 - Base
$77 - Stock
$106,231 - Bonus

$218,100 - Base
$19,600 - Stock
$155,600 - Bonus

250k - Base
0k - Stock
290k - Bonus