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Someone at IBM says...

Encouraged to be innovative and expand your skillset (given time during normal work hours). Co-workers are generally positive and help you find your place within a team.

IBM Interview Questions

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People at IBM Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

IBM has a very open and accepting culture. Everyone there is really nice and usually easy to work with.
Quick path to promotions/raises if hard working, Pretty lax work environment including work hours, and easy to talk to higher ups.
Excellent work-life balance, plenty of opportunities to work with different technologies, plenty of resources for learning, decent pay and benefits
large companies are known for their bureaucratic swamps that slow things down. IBM does a pretty good job of limiting this and allow you to do your job without all the micro-management. As a professional you are expected to do your job without requiring hand holding. . . I love this part of my job.

Engineering Levels

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Associate Engineer
Band 6

$93,333 - Base
$367 - Stock
$6,633 - Bonus
Staff Engineer
Band 7

$119,172 - Base
$448 - Stock
$2,879 - Bonus
Advisory Engineer
Band 8

$138,143 - Base
$429 - Stock
$536 - Bonus
Senior Engineer
Band 9

$174,154 - Base
$2,923 - Stock
$2,615 - Bonus
Senior Technical Staff Member
Band 10

$226,889 - Base
$16,889 - Stock
$5,333 - Bonus