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Pantry, work from home benefits, location. Complete burden on contractors. Used to treat you like slave and permanent team members show off like king. Promised you that they would give permanent position but rather giving you permanent position would provide you excuses about your performance and nature if you have performed outstanding ,that does not matter in front of Team, Manager or Management. End of the cycle you will be sacked one day and new contractor are hired and same things would continue. Uses to take interview like giving you permanent position. But Clearly only Contractors are the people who used to work outstanding. They hire (contractors) developers for testing work.

Interview Questions

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String Breakdown: You are given a dictionary, such as /usr/share/dict/words, containing a list of words, one per line. You are also given seven tiles. Each tile is either blank or contains a single lowercase letter (a-z). List all of the words from the dictionary that can be produced by using some or all of the seven tiles, in any order. A blank tile is a wildcard, and can be used in place of any letter. Try to use a minimal amount of memory. 1. Find all of the words that can be formed if you don't have to deal with blank tiles. (You may skip this step and go straight to step 2). 2. Find all of the words that can be formed, including those where blank tiles are used as wildcards. 3. Would you do things differently if you had to process several hundred tile sets with the same dictionary?
Levenshtein Edit Distance: Find a minimal editing distance between two strings.
Generate All String Permutations: Assume A is a number smaller than B. Find the nth number created with combination of A and B (such as AABB, ABAB, ABBA). The number of A will be equal to the number of B.
Next Larger in a Circular Array: Search an element in a cyclic sorted array .
Implement a Hash Map: What is difference between Hashtable and HashSet?
Design a smart pointer class.
Count the number of 1s in the binary of a number.
How would you obtain the sum of the elements from (0,0) to (r,c) in a 2d array, where r and c are the row and column numbers?
When you put url on a browser, how do you get moved to a website of the url?
Implement a data structure that keeps track of 50 integers. how would you build this data structure to check if an element is present, and if the structure is full, remove the oldest element? there are also no duplicates.

Engineering at VMware

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Cab facility, pantry items, ambience, wfh options. Contractors do all the work, they treat contractors as slaves, lots of harassment, torture. Micro management. Its the same in development testing, production support all the team members complain the same. Assess full time employees first if they really work even for an hour.

Lots to learn. Company is genuinely employee friendly. Good stock and investment options. Career depends on the business unit you end up with. And the leadership there can be hit or miss. Have leaders who can actually have impact on careers there.

Good package Good technical domain be it Compute virtualisation or Network or storage. Good infra , good freebies. Decade old slow delivery process. It frustrates you to limit. Though good work life balance, but overall pressure based environment, especially for managers. Technology stack in most products is old. New SaaS based applications are exception. On prem products are main culprit. Though lot of learning avenues but management does not encourage. No focus on dev tools. A simple code debug can take hours or days. Leading to bugs being shuffled between teams, and other unethical practices. Lying on on official matters is very common.

The company provides all the facilities one can imagine. Very employee friendly company. Hold many events inside and outside office-team outings, lunch, dinner, etc. You will miss out on most of the fun if you are an AWF. Most of the cultural events are only for the FTEs. Lot of politics. Be good to your managers, then they will be good to you. Promotion takes lot of time. They simply don't promote you, no matter how much you work. Being a language specialist, we have minimal chances of being converted.

Engineering Levels

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Member of Technical Staff (MTS 1)
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
$118,556 - Base
$13,611 - Stock
$15,000 - Bonus
$127,833 - Base
$27,750 - Stock
$17,417 - Bonus
Senior MTS
$150,690 - Base
$40,483 - Stock
$28,034 - Bonus
Staff Engineer 1
$191,389 - Base
$64,889 - Stock
$38,056 - Bonus