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Someone at Splunk says...

I love this company and my coworkers are awesome. We definitely are going through a transformation and there are some growing pains, but that's normal for any company at this stage and trajectory. For anyone that's considering Splunk, its a real hidden gem. 401k matching is well defined and no free food on a daily basis. Keep investing in the future. Would be good to create a better 401k matching to be consistent with over valley companies, and of course free food for all meals.

Splunk Interview Questions

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People at Splunk Say

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Mostly everyone is really amiable and interested in you. Company is really focused on growth and pushing hard for it. Really great worksite right in the middle of Santana Row Kitchens. Always have something to eat. Company hack weeks! Lots of team outings Specifically for interns, the company is committed to making the experience awesome! It would be nice to have free food! Really enjoyed the well thought out intern program! Make what other companies are working on more obvious!
Amazing work culture, challenging but fun. Talented coworkers to work with and learn from. Industry leading product with a fun tech stack Company cares about its employees and organizes lots of events like movie nights, pub crawls Compensation is very competitive with industry. Improve the 401K plan because planning for retirement is important and should not be dependent on company performance. - Increase visibility and transparency into each org to increase inter-org communication and decrease siloing.
Great engineering culture, work environment, people I work with. Great opportunity for product growth. Splunk has an amazing potential for greatness. Company, especially engineering, keeps shooting itself in the foot. Can't get out of its own way. Senior executives are not team players, lots of turf wars. Anyone who suggests good engineering practices gets shot down by the long termers. Become team players. Recognize and encourage people who are doing things right. Take risks.
Very useful product, customers legitimately get a lot of value even with high prices. Fair amount of different technology problems to interact with. Individual contributors are often helpful. Overall this is about as good as you can imagine a mid-size enterprise software shop could be. There's a dream that it's still a fun company, but it's just a company, which isn't a bad thing. Pick some paths forward and fund them economically and politically to succeed.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer (SWE)
$134,571 - Base
$30,429 - Stock
$14,429 - Bonus
$144,444 - Base
$60,778 - Stock
$15,000 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer
$171,111 - Base
$89,778 - Stock
$25,222 - Bonus
Principal SWE
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Senior Principal SWE
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus