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Culture so open that you'll have a hard time believing it at first So much freedom on choosing what you want to work on that you'll have a hard time believing it at first. Company beginning to grow big, which means that shyer new employees might feel difficulty in negotiating bigger changes.

Interview Questions

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Levenshtein Edit Distance: Design a system to detect homeworking copying, which means input two strings and a integer K. If there is a common substring of them have length larger than K, return true, else return false.
Lowest Common Ancestor: Find lowest common ancestors of a tree given nodes.
Find Deletion Distance: Find if one string is "oneEditAway" from another string.
Identical Trees: Given two binary trees, return true if they have same elements (irrespective of tree structure).
Given a matrix, calculate the sum of a sub matrix given the start and end indices of the submatrix.
Given a scrabble board with scores and a series of random letters drawn, find a way to maximize the point value for a valid word and play it on the board if there is space and fits with the other words.
Design a web site sharing application, from the base at the phone level to the status of everything in the cloud.
Given an encoded message containing digits, determine the total number of ways to decode it.
How would you multiply two strings: "123 * "45", without any casting.
Give a set of objects and a function. pass two objects to that function and it can tell you whether one object points to another one. find one object that is pointed by all other objects.

Engineering at Facebook

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Facebook values your time by removing most obstacles that prevent you from being productive. You're surrounded by highly competent, hard working coworkers. Collaboration across disciplines (engineering, design, content strategy, user research, data science, growth marketing, product management) is very good . Some teams can be too data-driven, focusing on only their top-level metrics, without investing in projects which improve quality of life.

Great work environment with smart and diverse set of perspectives Benefits that allow you to focus on doing your best work Team and management that look out for your career Career opportunities to grow as a person and technically. I think there’s opportunity for middle management and executives to learn from these mistakes and come out as a stronger and better company. Keep hiring a diverse set of backgrounds and thoughts. There is value in understanding the varied ideas behind our communities.

Facebook is an incredibly unique place to work. As an engineer, you will be empowered to drive huge change without the typical red-tape and bureaucracy typical of a company this size. You will have the freedom to work the way that works for you, and the flexibility to work on the teams and projects that interest you. On top of it all, the pay is simply unmatched, and you can feel properly compensated for the work that you do.

Engineers are expected to be very independent and proactive. You will growth a lot as an engineer and you will work with very smart people. It seems chaotic and un-structured. Your direct manager plays a big role on how your experience the company. As in any other company there are good and bad managers and Facebook as plenty of both. If you land with a bad manager, your are going to have a very bad experience. The upper level management has a very clear idea on where to take the company. The expectation on the IC are high. The middle layer management seem to lack accountability and it's not uniform across the company.

Engineering Levels

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$112,913 - Base
$40,449 - Stock
$20,130 - Bonus
$153,118 - Base
$71,976 - Stock
$22,452 - Bonus
$185,270 - Base
$148,270 - Stock
$34,288 - Bonus
$218,093 - Base
$281,140 - Stock
$44,953 - Bonus
$233,000 - Base
$370,000 - Stock
$58,167 - Bonus