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Get to work with very talented engineers and learn good practices Infrastructure and tooling are highly developed Good reputation and name recognition when you leave Flexible hours Great pay and benefits. Development moves at a glacial pace. Management makes questionable decisions and is not transparent. Less and less focus on making a quality product for members, more focus on $$$. Easy to get stuck on a bad project if you're not proactive.

Interview Questions

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Write a function that, given a list of integers (both positive and negative) returns the sum of the contiguous subsequence with maximum sum. Thus, given the sequence (1, 2, -4, 1, 3, -2, 3, -1) it should return 5.
Generate All String Permutations: Output all the permutations and compute the code time complexity.
Design a web based presentation system.
Develop a module on the actual site, keeping in mind the concepts of graceful degradation and supporting all users.
Levenshtein Edit Distance: Find distance between words in a string eg: String => "I am a good girl" distance between "I" and "good" is 3.
How would you design
Consider a B2C website like Amazon, which will receive thousands requests from buyer per minutes. How will you design the "shop cart " component for it? where should the customs' shop cart data stored?
Validate a BST: How to validate is a binary search tree is legit?
Find out at least one 3 elements array in a given integer array. The 3 elements have to be able to form a triangle.
Given a maximum line length, left right justify a long string. (make spaces evenly distributed between adjacent words)

Engineering at LinkedIn

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Good perks and vacations with week long shutdowns twice a year. Good food and we'll perceived brand name. Also stocks are appreciating, thanks to Microsoft cloud. Technology stack sucks and the network effect of selling yourself to get promotion has led to engineers not focusing on companies success but individual promotion. Very few teams actually do real good work. Get rid of this toxic promotion driven environment. You will lose good engineers who actually put in hard work.

Work/life balance. Matching 401k. Excellent food. Unlimited PTO that people actually take. Lots of smart people. We still feel mostly independent after the Microsoft aquisition. Interesting projects. Many native Chinese speakers prefer to work in Chinese. This had led some managers to build homogenous teams based on race. LinkedIn, being a job searching platform, celebrates when people find their #nextplay, which sounds fine, but is also their way of ignoring problems with retention.

Great perks, great culture with a lot of emphasis on professional development and personal growth. Great work-life balance. Management very focused on listening to employees and keeping employees happy.I have only worked here a couple of months. Nothing too negative has made itself apparent to me thus far.Keep up the good work, mostly! Instituting a no-meeting day company-wide is one of my wish list items.

Excellent pay: including stock, 10% discounted ESPP for up to 15% of your salary, 50% match on 401(k). Unlimited vacation time, including company shut down from Christmas to new years and 1 week shut down for 4th of July. Flexible hours: no one care when you come in/out or work from home as long as you get things done. Good work/life balance. The company has programs that encourage happiness, health and well being, like on-site gym and $2000 annual wellness allowance, monthly indays. Fair performance evaluation and room for growth. Plenty of tech talks for you to improve yourself. LinkedIn's titles are a little inflated in comparison with other companies (e.g. other companies take longer to get to senior), so it'd be to your advantage when jumping to another company.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer
$139,900 - Base
$52,519 - Stock
$17,225 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer
$169,615 - Base
$110,154 - Stock
$21,846 - Bonus
Staff Software Engineer
$201,423 - Base
$197,154 - Stock
$31,654 - Bonus
Senior Staff Software Engineer
$336,667 - Base
$276,667 - Stock
$73,333 - Bonus
Principal Staff Software Engineer
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus