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Adobe work life balance is just awesome. With flexible timings it gets easy to spend time with your family/friends. No one asks you about your office timings and leaves. I know a few guys who take couple of weeks off twice or thrice every year without anyone's concerns. If you have achieved/learned a few things and want to take it slow for some time and focus on your family then it's the best place for you. Please keep mid level manager in check. Please have a look at the attrition rate across clouds and teams, also please take actions to all these suggestions you collect after all hands meetings and surveys.

Interview Questions

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Lonely Number: Given an integer array and its length. Eliminate the duplicated numbers in the array.
Merge Sorted Linked Lists: How would you insert an element into an already sorted linked list to maintain sorted order?
Detect An Undirected Graph Cycle: Traverse a directed graph with a cycle, without having to implement the `hashcode()` or `equals()` methods in the node class.
Implement a Binary Search Tree: Write a binary tree class and do a breadth first search.
Lowest Common Ancestor: Given a binary tree, find the lowest common ancestor of two nodes.
Two Sum: Given an array of integers and a target value, write a function that returns `True` if any two numbers in the array add to target value.
Find all the nodes in a tree with a distance of `k` to the target node.
You are given a rectangle's height, width, and the x and y coordinates of its upper left-hand corner. given two rectangles, write code to indicate when there is an intersection between them.
What's the difference between semaphore and mutex?
What is the difference between udp and tcp?

Engineering at Adobe

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A boquet of benefits that no other company offers and it is unmatchable. Work is good. The managers who are there with Adobe for more than 10 years are experts at manipulating things and playing politics, especially with newer employees. They will knowingly undermine your good work to highlight that of others. Need to refresh managers to speed up bringing in of newer thought process, otherwise it would be difficult to manage the repo of great place to work.

There are lot of pros working with Adobe. The company treats employees it's greatest asset. Great work culture and ample opportunity of growth. The company's core values are Genuine, Exceptional, Innovate and Involve and you can see these core values in the culture of Adobe. Keep up the good work. Your excellent work is now reflecting in Adobe Stock.

Challenging work place, always people will encourage to something new outside your daily work. Invests good amount of money for empowering employees like certification courses, training. Provides wellness reimbursement, free lunch and dinner, on campus zym, TT, pool etc. There are fierce senior management politics in IT and that affects a lot to scrum team as the team don't have a clear vision about the future road map. Don't change the org structure very frequently, in last 2 years I have worked with 6 managers. In long run this is affecting personal development as an individual.

Company care about employees and their work life balance however in some projects work life balance is screwed. Free food, shuttle, good campus, fitness reimbursement etc. Instead on innovating on their own they are more interested in acquiring start-ups. The quality of new hires and promoted people has declined drastically.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer 1
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Software Engineer 2
$125,000 - Base
$24,400 - Stock
$11,800 - Bonus
Software Engineer 3
$156,500 - Base
$43,900 - Stock
$14,800 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer (4)
$158,429 - Base
$78,714 - Stock
$10,536 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer (5)
$196,500 - Base
$91,000 - Stock
$13,500 - Bonus