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Technology is good to learn. Management is not good decision-making. Really unique culture that prioritizes employee happiness, fun and uplifting work environment, rapidly growing company, relatively high paychecks, a lot of training opportunities. Big learning curve for proprietary language (Xpresso), Xpresso can be unintuitive for people used to coding in regular coding languages. Directors need to watch managers on how they treat their employees.

Interview Questions

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What is the s-trace command?
Given a program, how long does it take to read from memory?
Uniqueness of Arrays: Create a function that removes duplicate characters in a string.
Find First Non-Repeating Character: Find the first non-repeating character in a string.
Given K sorted integer arrays filled on average with N elements, how do you find a minimal span of numbers that contain at least one number from each array (inclusive of the boundaries).
Given a few classes representing a school directory system, design and justify your design for OOP inheritance.
What is polymorphism?
How do you enact garbage collection in Java?
Explain what features are needed in an OO-programming language.
What is merge-sort and how does it work?

Engineering at Workday

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Workday technology is good but I am don't like his management the way they are treating to partners not good. Because they are not listing to anyone they are so arrogant not giving proper example not proper training they always in hurry and they don't have any criteria for fail pass to employee in certification. If they want to fail you they will fail you the will not give you proper reason like why they failed you in certification they will give you silly reason. So according to me they should stop to play with employee sentimental and they have to give grade system like A,B,C that's it good not with % because already people are came to IT industry after cleared so many exam.

Management place importance on a good company culture, with an employee first approach that actually implement. 1-on-1's with my manager were always constructive and open. Opportunities to move departments, and for career progression. Competitive salary and RSU's. Opportunity to work with new technologies and to contribute to the selection of stack for greenfield projects. If you're in a role that is mostly Xpresso (WDay proprietary language), it can limit your career prospects.

Fruits in the cafeteria. Clean and neat office space. Work life balance. IT help-desk is very helpful and efficient. First of all "Great place to work" gimmick is mainly BS. Company is not on par in terms of benefits with other large tech companies around (like Google, FB or MS). Culture and work conditions varies largely depending on the department and team you are working at. I've seen examples when the whole teams were leaving their jobs in a course of less than 1 year. It's just shows an example how extremely unhappy people can be at the "Best place to work". The sad part is that nothing was done on the higher management side to correct the situation. Instead managers report how everything is "great", "positive" and "amazing" which totally contradicts reality. So depending on department/team it can be a good (I wouldn't call it great still) or bad to terrible place to work. Therefore if you are looking to join Workday ignore this "Best place to work" - it really means nothing, it's just a job at an average company nothing more.

I came to Workday as a new graduate, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. In addition to great salary, benefits, employee programs, etc., the characteristic that really sets Workday apart is the people. The whole company really feels like one huge team, which I think is pretty rare, especially in contrast to other companies. There's a ton of trust, and the management structure is super supportive while totally avoiding micromanagement. It would be awesome if there were a few more options for subsidized meals on the Pleasanton campus, but the snack program is totally free + provides almost anything you need.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer (SWE) I
$97,000 - Base
$23,400 - Stock
$6,800 - Bonus
SWE II Associate SWE
$106,833 - Base
$24,500 - Stock
$6,167 - Bonus
$122,692 - Base
$35,885 - Stock
$3,846 - Bonus
Senior SWE
$151,462 - Base
$66,846 - Stock
$1,923 - Bonus
Principal SWE
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus