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Someone at Samsara says...

Samsara's engineering team has a large number of recent college grads. This means is that if you're a recent grad, you can be handed a lot of responsibility here much faster than if you were at another similarly sized company.

Samsara Interview Questions

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People at Samsara Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Transparency, all employees can see board slides and salesforce numbers. We all cheer for the sales team at the end of each quarter.
extremely strong pipeline and product market fit, Samsara no doubt has a very bright future and is still in hypergrowth in terms of customer base and increasing annual business almost exponentially.
For those who have been in the company for two years or more the price of the stock has skyrocketed and it is too expensive to leave it.
The business is solid, and resilient considering the challenges of 2020. Management seems competent at directing strategy

Engineering Levels

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Senior Eng 1
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

190k - Base
72k - Stock
19k - Bonus
Testing (SDET)

160k - Base
32k - Stock
16k - Bonus
API Development (Back-End)

130k - Base
30k - Stock
1k - Bonus
Full Stack

132k - Base
40k - Stock
13k - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer I
Site Reliability (SRE)

177k - Base
73k - Stock
N. A. - Bonus