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Someone at Nvidia says...

Great culture, giving back to the community and volunteering is not just talk but really ingrained into the company. Very talented engineers and computer scientist. One of the few tech companies that's making concrete changes and improvements in diversity and inclusion. The D&I numbers across the board are continually improving year after year.

Nvidia Interview Questions

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People at Nvidia Say

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They treat me better than anyone when it comes to compensation. They took a look at how long I was in industry and what I was doing and paid me the going rate for those numbers. They didn't consider what I was making now nor any of my other offers. That made the Nvidia offer 50% higher than my current job and all other offers.
The people are really exceptional. People care about their work and collaborate well. The philosophies that were noted on my way in the door have proven to be how the company operates. It’s not lip service.
Excellent work/life balance, exciting and demanding (in a good way) projects/tasks. Great teammates and management!
Colleagues are really nice, it feels good to work together with them. It is the exact opposite of toxic culture.

Engineering Levels

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$125,889 - Base
$26,556 - Stock
$8,444 - Bonus

$144,417 - Base
$31,583 - Stock
$4,583 - Bonus

$164,810 - Base
$50,905 - Stock
$2,571 - Bonus

$188,900 - Base
$81,600 - Stock
$1,500 - Bonus

$220,000 - Base
$117,444 - Stock
$6,333 - Bonus