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Someone at Robinhood says...

Great company culture, still feels like startup and doesn’t have as much bureaucracy as you’d think for a large fintech company.

Robinhood Interview Questions

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People at Robinhood Say

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Amazing culture. People here are all excited to be here and are very much mission driven. I look forward to coming into work everyday, which apparently is an unusual feeling to have as a new grad.
The work you do matters. Instead of grunt work, you try to solve some of the hardest problems in the industry. Even if you're an intern.
Large amounts of project responsibilities have allowed me to grow at a faster rate relative to engineers at other companies.
I love working at Robinhood because my peers are some of the best in the industry across engineering, product, and legal. The people who work here are very excited about the mission, and their outlook about the future is bright.

Engineering Levels

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$136,900 - Base
$55,300 - Stock
$5,900 - Bonus

$187,556 - Base
$94,444 - Stock
$14,444 - Bonus

$206,625 - Base
$199,750 - Stock
$16,750 - Bonus

$233,333 - Base
$257,556 - Stock
$13,889 - Bonus

270k - Base
300k - Stock
0k - Bonus