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Great teams and people. Work-life balance seems to vary by team. Mine is great, others not so much. So if you are considering working here, do ask your hiring manager about that. Great pay and benefits. Challenging problems (I work in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) and great opportunity for growth. Performance feedback is given often on my team. Strategic vision is often poorly communicated. Hearing about it once or twice a year is not enough.

Interview Questions

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Find Missing Number in Array: There is a sorted array which has numbers from 1 to 100. There is a missing number. Find that number without traversing the full array.
Zeros to the End: There is an array which consists of 1s and 0s. Shift all the 1s to right and 0s to left.
Find Shortest Palindrome Possible: Given a huge string, find out all the possible substrings that are palindromes. Also find the length of the largest palindrome. Also print the largest palindrome.
Reverse a String: Given a string with space separated words, write and algorithm to reverse the order of the words.
Implement a Binary Search Tree: Given a BST, you are given pointer to child node, how will you find the parent node.
Write code to find if two linked lists have a common node.
If there are 8 coins out of which 7 are of the same weight and the remaining one with slightly different weight then how to determine the odd coin in three ‘weightings’ using spring balance. all the coins are of the same dimension. there are 100 steps and an ice cube. there is a particular step and all the steps above it from where if the ice cube is thrown then the ice cube would break. what is the minimum number of tries required to determine that step.
Design java io library using inheritance and composition
What is difference between method overloading and overriding?
Write a program for finding the maximum depth in a string.

Engineering at Oracle

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It's an amazing team with good communication and teamwork. Everyone works hard and does extra on bigger projects and attack projects as a team. Another pro is that Oracle is one of the bigger companies around the world, so it will look good on your resume for your next or future job. It is a great company to work at if you are joining as your 2nd or 3rd job in your career so that you are decently compensated already. Another good thing is that Oracle has the "unlimited PTO" as a benefit for salary employees, but it depends on your immediate manager to approve or not. My manager was amazing at allowing me to have time off when I needed.

My manager and team were absolutely the most skilled set of automation specialists across Oracle. It was a pleasure working with them and the atmosphere was truly outstanding. I was skilled enough to work in fields outside the scope of my original job title. Although my abilities were recognized, all my manager's requests for promotions within my part of the organizations where declined repeatedly. Stick with your priorities and see them through until your team have enough time to complete them and see them succeed. Do not continue to provide priorities that did not meet the companies long term goals. This accumulates to a complete waste of time and your developers will lack a sense of accomplishment.

Oracle is a low-stress environment with some incredibly brilliant people if you dig around for them. Corporate policies tend to be antiquated and slow to adapt, but they do adapt. Unrealistic college hiring standards and weak raises with dry promotions create a revolving door for top engineers, while low performers are just endlessly "reorganized" instead of being fired, continuously diluting the talent. Make more of an effort to retain your talent by providing reasonable bonuses and raises. Once these high performers leave, they're not coming back.

Solid lock on DBMS market which is not growing and now subject to competition from NoSQL offerings. Company allows to work from home. This is the best benefit. Total comp is below average. Employees are considered dispensable and there is minimal effort to invest in employees. Depending on which group you end up in you might end up in a very niche area that makes it hard to find new work.

Engineering Levels

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Member of Technical Staff
$127,333 - Base
$38,548 - Stock
$3,571 - Bonus
Senior MTS
$140,000 - Base
$48,216 - Stock
$2,595 - Bonus
Principal MTS
$163,824 - Base
$114,459 - Stock
$3,784 - Bonus
Consulting MTS
$203,615 - Base
$153,000 - Stock
$4,692 - Bonus
$263,500 - Base
$212,833 - Stock
$17,667 - Bonus