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Someone at SAP says...

Excellent benefits and pay, paid parental leave, work-life balance, inclusive, diverse, opportunities for growth, retirement plan matching

SAP Interview Questions

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People at SAP Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Incredible coworkers, decent benefits, and great stock program (Grow). Great bonus plan but that will change for next year.
Great knowledge base and many specialization groups to join to learn more, constant training.
It can be difficult but not impossible to get noticed and make an impact. Immediate management was very supportive. If you are lucky if you work on product/team that is the current interested in the company
The company puts an emphasis on personal development, learning and mental health. They encourage taking time off. The work is meaningful and done to a high standard always focusing on the outcomes.

Engineering Levels

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Associate Developer

$102,444 - Base
$0 - Stock
$9,556 - Bonus

$122,231 - Base
$1,538 - Stock
$11,846 - Bonus
Senior Developer

$132,875 - Base
$7,375 - Stock
$16,750 - Bonus

$162,375 - Base
$20,875 - Stock
$29,625 - Bonus
Chief Architect

143k - Base
71k - Stock
49k - Bonus