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Someone at eBay says...

Very good organisation , with lot of values and employee caring. Good facilities like gym, cab, cafeteria. Platforms BU working in cutting edge technologies. Politics, Politics ,Politics everywhere. Don't ever join the Commerce Experience BU in PDCI. There are lot of teams in this BU which just does maintenance. The culture is so sick that no matter how much you work, at the end your rating depends on how close you are with manager. There are lot of incapable managers who worked as contractors from companies like CSC and got converted as FTE's. Most of those managers follow a service company like culture.

eBay Interview Questions

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People at eBay Say

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Good benefits (4% 401k match, paid maternity/paternity leave, tuition assistance, ride sharing reimbursement, work from home) - Ok pay (Average base salary, 10% annual bonus, stocks) - Work-life balance - Most people are very helpful and easy to work with. Boring projects, menial tasks, little freedom, too many processes. Don’t let the location trick you, eBay is not a Silicon Valley company - this is a horrible place to work at as a passionate developer who want to build and ship things. If you chose to be a developer because coding is your passion, you’ll absolutely hate this place. But you’ll love it if you care most about retirement and benefits.
Very relaxing atmosphere. Long lunch breaks. Ping pong table. Low stress environment. Nice people. Excellent location Good holidays, pay, and benefits. The job was advertised as being a startup job at a cool company with exposure to modern technologies(Clojure, Ruby on Rails, React). The overwhelming bulk of the work was maintaining an incredibly poorly architected codebase in Java 7 written by the acquirer (ebay), exactly as instructed by the US office. Decisions take almost forever to make. Feedback is loudly welcomed and then promptly discarded.
eBay, by its very definition, is an economic force that helps mitigate the polarization of wealth. It makes commerce accessible anyone with an internet connection. The team I work with is exceptional, full of people that are both intelligent and kind, who are challenge-oriented and care about our projects and one another. I have been a software engineer for 15 years, and have experienced what we all have experienced, the various joys and frustrations inherent in our business. I have never been happier than I am at eBay, no kidding.
I started working at eBay right out of college and it provided me a great way to grow as an engineer. A lot of the people really care about the product as well, which makes everyone want the company to succeed. It's a big enough company that there are so many software systems to learn. A lot of what you learn will not really carry over into new companies either. Keep hiring new grads and young engineers to keep the workplace attractive to work in.

Engineering Levels

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SE 1
Software Engineer 1
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
SE 2
$119,060 - Base
$13,464 - Stock
$15,477 - Bonus
SE 3
$135,267 - Base
$24,933 - Stock
$14,600 - Bonus
Member of Technical Staff 1
$164,091 - Base
$36,182 - Stock
$19,500 - Bonus
$190,900 - Base
$64,900 - Stock
$26,800 - Bonus