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Someone at Smartsheet says...

Friendly and knowledgable teammates

Smartsheet Interview Questions

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People at Smartsheet Say

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Some of the direct managers are nice, but it's a roll of the dice depending on the team you're on
Everything as advertised, great culture, and lots of resources dedicated to helping grow your career based on your own interest. Company, organization, individual are well aligned to make progress for the future.
Good compensation due to a decent stock run, if all you care is rest and vest despite poor WLB.
Receptive to feedback and makes effort to improve continuously.

Engineering Levels

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Web Development (Front-End)

145k - Base
25k - Stock
15k - Bonus
Senior SE1
Web Development (Front-End)

160k - Base
75k - Stock
16k - Bonus
Full Stack

150k - Base
58k - Stock
10k - Bonus
Senior SDE II
Full Stack

176k - Base
75k - Stock
25k - Bonus
Full Stack

141k - Base
20k - Stock
1k - Bonus