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Great benefits with health insurance, legal support, and gym membership. It is a true software company if software engineering is indeed your passion. Base pay and RSUs are lower than industry. Because of that the good people leave for better pay eventually. This causes not only churn, but also reduces the quality of the engineers eventually. Satya did a good job on the image of the company, however when you are inside, many things are the same. Diversity and inclusion is a joke. Most upper mid-level management (some M2s, most directors, DEs, junior VPs) resist to change, so organizations, ICs, M1s get stuck in between.

Interview Questions

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Write a function to print an array in a spiral.
Validate Palindrome: Find the longest palindrome in a string.
Merge Sorted Linked Lists: How would merge two sorted linked lists without creating a new one so that the outcome is sorted as well.
How would you calculate a pixel on a monitor using a singular matrix in memory and change the color?
How many unique paths are there from B-L point to the T-R point of a chess table? What would be your approach to calculate this?
Build a Calculator: How to write an evaluator for a string like "(1+3 * ( 5 / 4)) and get a numeric result.
Given a 2D matrix of numbers where each row and column is sorted in increasing order, describe an efficient algorithm to test whether a given number is in the matrix.
Reverse a String: Write a C++ code to reverse the order of words in a string, without using any additional buffer.
Write a program to implement the Integer.parseInt() function.
You are give 9 identical marbles. One weighs more than the others but there is no physical way to decipher this. You are given a scale on which you can weigh marbles on either side, but you are only allowed to use the scale twice. Figure out which marble weighs more using only your two attempts on the weight scale.

Engineering at Microsoft

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I work on a great team where my manager actively puts me on work that will allow me to move forward in my career while considering what I am most interested in learning. I have great work/life balance, working 8-4pm most days. As long as your work gets done on time they don't mind which hours you are in the office. Of course this probably changes depending on the team or how high up the ladder you are. It can feel harder to do big exciting new things on a very old code base that we desperately want running smoothly.

Surrounded by brilliant people, work on projects with major impact, work with people from around the world. Corporate structure, sometimes slow to move or change direction, promotion is not necessarily about merit, job is often all-consuming. Be more generous with health benefits. Increase pay. Allow teams to take more chances. Practice what you preach about "work/life balance".

Great change in culture since Satya took over. Supportive environment, lots of new opportunities. Everything is building crazy fast and many tools for building and operating services at scale are behind what Amazon, Google, Facebook have, other tools framework fall to disinvestment/pullback, lots of knowledge sharing still suffers from sharepoint not searchable/restricted access syndrome. Invest heavily in engineering excellence and institutional knowledge and openness.

I have found Microsoft to be a company with an ambitious, competitive, and diverse workforce. Blind spots exist and are like that of other industry leaders. The effort to eliminate them seems sincere if sometimes a little misguided, but its forgivable since management from the top down appears to buy in. Campus construction has made a mess of everything. Program managers want data for everything. Ordinarily that would be good. Sometimes they should embrace their roles as thought and design leaders rather than blindly following where the data takes them.Bring back windows mobile and never quit it again.

Engineering Levels

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$106,235 - Base
$29,277 - Stock
$21,904 - Bonus
$115,286 - Base
$28,462 - Stock
$16,582 - Bonus
$130,848 - Base
$24,580 - Stock
$16,563 - Bonus
$138,285 - Base
$27,134 - Stock
$17,725 - Bonus
Senior SDE
$153,349 - Base
$36,919 - Stock
$23,093 - Bonus