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Very good fringe benefits and decent wages Probably will ipo some day for real after a decade of fumbling Interesting challenges, still small enough for individuals to make a difference

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You get to have real and meaningful impact on one of the largest platforms in the world. Feels completely unlike other FAANG companies where you’re practically a cog. You can truly make huge change here.
This is a growing company with competitive pay, a good CEO, and lots of challenging scale problems.
If you're of the manipulative management type, it's the sort of environment where you can get by with zero consequences. If you're incompetent it's the ideal place to relax. You should be able to bully others to keep your job, so feel free to join if that's your thing. Those are the nice things I have to say about the company.
Great perks. In addition to insurance + 401k, there's also a lot of budget to spend for wellness, education, dependents, pets, parking, dinners, transit, etc. It's an extensive list.

Engineering Levels

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$111k - Base
$0k - Stock
$2k - Bonus

$123k - Base
$0k - Stock
$0k - Bonus

$165,800 - Base
$55,600 - Stock
$0 - Bonus

$184,167 - Base
$17,667 - Stock
$833 - Bonus

$210k - Base
$40k - Stock
$0k - Bonus