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Someone at Salesforce says...

Company takes great care of its employees Flexible work policies Invest in your learning Want you to succeed and grow with the company As an engineer, the emphasis on quality is great Will spend a ton of time assessing and vetting solutions before actually implementing them Awesome mentorship. Developer agility is slow Working on huge monolithic code base, building the application can be a major time drain and things often go wrong If you don't transfer teams, you will likely work on the same kind of thing and your learning will plateau (that said they make it super easy to transfer teams).

Salesforce Interview Questions

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People at Salesforce Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Amazing benefits for the Indianapolis area. Great culture and work flexibility. Pay is better than nearby competitors but lags behind other major tech hubs. Little room for advancement in some of the sub-clouds, unless you worked at whatever company got acquired to create that cloud. Can be hard to move up or onto different teams of your own volition. Constant reorganizations of mid-level management make it hard to get established as a newer employee. Implement better advancement protocols and employee training. The Open Opportunity Market is not enough.
I've really enjoyed working at SalesForce. I think Marc Benioff is a wonderful leader and love the contributions he's made at the UCSF. His philanthropic efforts to support the children's hospital and the rising rates of homelessness far surpass those of other prominent business leaders in the area. Thank you Glassdoor for having the ability to leave truly anonymous feedback on any company regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or association.
I am working for Salesforce for the past 3 years. So far I have not seen any valid point for me to make a move to another company. - Compensation is good compared to its equivalent companies - Great benefits and perks - Work-life balance is very good - Management helps employees to grow in their career - More innovative projects coming up which gives me a chance to learn the emerging technologies - Company does a lot of volunteering activities to support the society and people in need of help - Great culture and values which is why I hope this company is rated as the best place to work.
When I went in to work it felt like I was part of a family. There was great promotion of a work life balance, and you were even given a monthly monetary benefit to cover going to the gym, doing yoga, or whatever other athletic endeavor you pursued. It is a very large company, so you might not get to interact with as many people or have the same influence that you would in a much smaller company.

Engineering Levels

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Associate MTS
Associate Member of Technical Staff
Associate Software Engineer
$124,938 - Base
$22,000 - Stock
$16,938 - Bonus
Software Engineer (SWE)
$138,167 - Base
$23,208 - Stock
$16,542 - Bonus
Senior MTS
Senior SWE
$157,870 - Base
$29,609 - Stock
$23,239 - Bonus
Lead MTS
Lead SWE
$192,590 - Base
$51,567 - Stock
$28,467 - Bonus
Principal MTS
Principal SWE
$217,400 - Base
$87,900 - Stock
$41,900 - Bonus