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Someone at Lyft says...

Excellent pay, equity, benefits, perks Flexible work schedule, unlimited PTO Supportive, inclusive company culture. Teams can get big, Takes a lot of effort to get things done because of scale. Stay committed to values, you're doing a great job so far. Try to find a way to make big teams feel small.

Lyft Interview Questions

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People at Lyft Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Get to work on projects that have a direct impact on passengers/drivers and business bottom line. Everything FEELS important. Culture of openness: you have opportunities to review and contribute on system designs across the company. Feedback is welcomed. "You build it, you run it" culture, creates a sense of ownership and improves code quality. Decent deployment process (unit tests, code coverage, CI, monitoring), value placed on code quality. Fast pace is not for everyone. If you come here expecting to coast you might be disappointed. Don't stop doing the fortnights no matter how large we get!
The most friendly and rewarding working experience I've ever had! I had the opportunity to work on exciting projects. I collaborated with top engineers and designers in the field. My work had a big impact. Competitive salary and perks. Awesome office space. everything is moving and changing very quickly due to Lyft's incredible growth.
Rapidly growing and well funded. Depending on the team you're on, you have the opportunity to make an impact and grow. The $200/month in ride credits is a great perk. Horrible office politics and inexperienced leadership plagues the company. Too many managers land grabbing and building empires. Senior leadership consists of inexperienced people, many of which haven't worked anywhere before Lyft. Very cheap company in terms of compensation and raises The CEO and President are nice guys but they're not the leaders you want to march into battle for. They're more concerned about being "woke" than building the transportation solution of the future
People here are very honest, friendly, and enthusiastic about their jobs, that's one of the biggest reason why I joined Lyft. Communication was fast as people repond quickly to emails. Can't complain on compensation and employee perks. You work on a product that is used by millions of people. Products were rolled out quickly. Coworkers seemed dedicated to succeed. Monthly all hand meetings and weekly engineering meetings kept you up to date on what was happening. Perks were good, nice office, nice deck of the roof, nice lunch.

Engineering Levels

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$133,889 - Base
$84,111 - Stock
$18,000 - Bonus
$167,667 - Base
$116,833 - Stock
$12,833 - Bonus
$190,933 - Base
$215,600 - Stock
$3,267 - Bonus
$219,778 - Base
$312,111 - Stock
$5,778 - Bonus
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus