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Someone at Quora says...

Genuinely noble and interesting mission. Really smart and humble people (the quality is much better than some of the big names like Google or Facebook). Super friendly culture to introverts like myself. Highly competitive pay and great benefits.

Quora Interview Questions

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People at Quora Say

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Smart colleagues, fast user growth, great career growth
The people at Quora are extremely talented and smart, but what's really great is that people really care about their work. I've never worked at a place before where so many people love the product and what they do.
A healthy non-competitive culture where collaboration and mentorship are encouraged. This makes it easier to learn faster from more experienced team members, and for more experienced team members to develop mentorship and leadership skills. A lot of opportunities to work on high impact scaling challenges to scale the infrastructure, product experience, and organization as a whole.
Best mid-sized startup in the Valley

Engineering Levels

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$131,875 - Base
$45,125 - Stock
$8,625 - Bonus

139k - Base
85k - Stock
0k - Bonus

177k - Base
100k - Stock
0k - Bonus

$156,000 - Base
$0 - Stock
$0 - Bonus

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus