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No Office, meet amazing people. No Job Security, Have interacted with only 4 people, data has to be submitted everyday. Only with numbers you can convince the senior management, quality and talents comes later. Always thought Airbnb's success was because of the wide variety of accommodations it can provide, we have to focus on Airbnb's quality and market and not just numbers.

Interview Questions

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What SQL columns you should index and how would you change the indexing in different lookup scenarios?
Parse an escaped string into csv format.
Generate All String Permutations: Find all the combinations of a string in lowercase and uppercase. For example, string "ab" -> "ab", "Ab", "aB", "AB". So, you will have 2^n (n = number of chars in the string) output strings. The goal is for you to test each of these string and see if it match a hidden string.
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Given an array of arrays, implement an iterator class to allow the client to traverse and remove elements in the array list. This iterator should provide three public class member functions: hasNext(), next(), and remove().
Design an iterator class to iterate over a list of lists.
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Engineering at AirBnb

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Very few pros I can think of, apart from a very supportive group of immediate co-workers. when the senior-management had stated a parameter of quality Airbnb accommodations, without knowing how much of the said accommodations exist in the market, unrealistic targets were doled out to contractors, which were very very hard to achieve. No specifics were provided in terms of quality. There was a budget provided for educating potential hosts about how to use Airbnb, but since it is supposed to be a community-oriented platform and as such, communities interact periodically, this budget was used sparingly, and barely one meetup was organised, when in fact there was a need of atleast 2 meetups a month. Please don't treat contractors like they are slaves. Please try to understand the market before you hold contractors responsible for performance.

It's a cool brand to work for. The business model and the company story are very inspiring. Some benefits and a pretty flexible and chilled out job.Culture trickles down and dies at the middle management levels which is a disgrace for a company that claims to take its employee happiness and culture so seriously.Know what the company stands for, how you want to do things in a market and and hire senior management people accordingly. The contractors are the ones who are executing all your plans on the ground so it only makes sense to not treat them like slaves. You are not saving the world, please take yourselves a little less seriously.

One of the best reasons to work here is the culture. The team is amazing and they all go out of their way to ensure I feel like I belong. That I am part of the Airbnb family. The office setup is so different and amazing. I would recommend Airbnb to anyone who thrives on excitement and change. Its an amazing company to be a part of.

Benefits can be appealing Food is healthy There are some really good people.Very hard to grow internally. False promises of belonging. Core Values are not necessarily embraced by managers or peers. You might give your absolute best but the system in place might never benefit you. Being a person of color will be an additional burden.Your teams, your reports need to grow within their roles. Doing one task only makes us like robots and limit our creativity and ability to grow. It’s important to learn how to develop talent, how to recognize potential. thoughtful communication is crucial, especially managing people from different backgrounds. Coaching experience is relevant in your role as a manager. If your reports fear you, don’t trust you, and don’t look up to you, you are not doing a good job.

Engineering Levels

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$130,000 - Base
$44,857 - Stock
$38,143 - Bonus
$187,833 - Base
$120,167 - Stock
$28,611 - Bonus
$202,471 - Base
$181,059 - Stock
$35,353 - Bonus
$242,000 - Base
$300,000 - Stock
$46,000 - Bonus
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus