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Someone at Sonos says...

Helpful and encouraging coworkers, fun projects. . . the works!

Sonos Interview Questions

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People at Sonos Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Exciting, meaningful work. Compassionate and hard working teams from the bottom up. People get the big picture. Opportunities for growth. Ownership.
Great work-life balance, and exceptional work culture.
They support employees individual growth and development and are very people focused which translates into their products.
Sonos is indeed a company not like traditional consumer electronics company. There is so much amazing technology inside its product than it looks. Software does a lot of the magic behind the scene and works very well with rest of the system including hardware and design. This company is filled with incredibly smart and capable people, as well as many challenging and interesting problems, putting them together creates a lot of energy propelling the company and product forward. I'm also impressed with how transparent and collaborative the culture is here, everyone is very helpful, you can walk up to anyone with a problem, they will help you. The product roadmap ahead is incredibly exciting, which should help with the stock price as it is now a public company.

Engineering Levels

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Testing (SDET)

135k - Base
25k - Stock
20k - Bonus
Mobile (iOS + Android)

105k - Base
10k - Stock
16k - Bonus

167k - Base
5k - Stock
25k - Bonus
Web Development (Front-End)

90k - Base
5k - Stock
10k - Bonus
Full Stack

130k - Base
10k - Stock
10k - Bonus