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Someone at Tableau Software says...

There are more good apples than bad apples at Tableau. The work is both challenging and rewarding. The product is a game changer. Tableau values embody a positive work ethic and they do influence the culture in a positive way. Awesome hiring stock options. Not enough 401(k) matching, optional (for now) HDHP is just OK--it could be better funded to reduce costs to employees.

Tableau Software Interview Questions

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People at Tableau Software Say

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Very nice and helpful coworkers. Very smart people always available to help. Honest feedback and career growth discussions. Lot of flexibility and opportunity to learn and implement new tech. Competitive salary. Yes - free food !! You will work in a niche space that could be good or bad depending on what you want. Keep up the culture as the company grows its very rare to find this. The parties and happy hours here are awesome and is great for employee moral.
Often people say "good work-life balance" when they mean: the work is easy and none of my coworkers are smart than me. Tableau is full of smart people & challenging projects without the fear that if you don't put in well over 40 hours a week, you're in trouble. Writing software to work online and on-prem can be a pain.
Tableau has free food and kitchens that are fully stocked, moral events and all the usual techie perks. They are working on fixing their desktop product which is a huge monolithic piece of code and all in perforce which makes trying to develop rapidly a huge pain. Tableau is feeling the growing pains of going from a little to mid sized company and needs to invest in it's infrastructure in order for it to be able to continue to grow.
Pay is great. Work/Life balance is amazing! Tableau truly seems to care about its employees. They make all kinds of trainings and workshops available to us. Things like leadership training, manager trainings, interview trainings, an amazingly impressive diversity and inclusion training session, trainings on using our actual product. It's beyond what I've seen elsewhere. Employee stock purchase plan is essentially free money. Super flexible with scheduling - although I'd say most all tech companies are like this. I love having access to an actual kitchen to prepare my lunches. The work is interesting and engaging. I'm really happy here. Continue doing a lot of what you're doing. Continue listening to us and empowering us to make changes. Sometimes it feels like we are focusing too broadly. A narrower focus might be more valuable.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer (SWE)
$126,000 - Base
$115,778 - Stock
$12,444 - Bonus
Senior SWE
$159,706 - Base
$147,882 - Stock
$23,471 - Bonus
Staff SWE
$200,667 - Base
$166,000 - Stock
$22,000 - Bonus
Principal SWE
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus