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Someone at Asana says...

Leadership is incredibly competent. I have immense trust in their decision making abilities. Communication is transparent and honest. Leadership looks out for employees financially.

Asana Interview Questions

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People at Asana Say

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If you work here, you will learn how to run a project effectively and become an effective communicator by just observing how they typically do things here. This will set you up for the rest of your career.
The culture of Asana is so respectful and cooperative, and I always have felt supported and encouraged by my manager. As engineers, we're given the resources needed to build things sustainably and according to best practices. We believe that engineering is a collaborative activity, not an individualistic one with "rockstar programmers" who are actually jerks.
Compensation was previously an issue but you they've since raised salaries and the strong business outlook has made the stock compensation very worthwhile
The best thing about Asana is that it truly feels like we're one team working together to make the best product we can for our customers. People are not driven by shallow metrics that just look good locally - they actually care about delivering useful features and growing the company sustainably.

Engineering Levels

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$137,600 - Base
$57,200 - Stock
$10,000 - Bonus

$157,333 - Base
$127,556 - Stock
$4,333 - Bonus

$191,625 - Base
$196,875 - Stock
$2,500 - Bonus

210k - Base
500k - Stock
0k - Bonus

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus