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Someone at Uber says...

The majority of team members are very skilled, kind, and very good to work with. Some of the directors and managers, I worked with, have bad relationship with superiors/subordinates, and they let any pressure or negative feedback go through to the people reporting to them, without taking any responsibility. Managers should take responsibility for their own decisions. When managers ask engineers, who report to them, to do some work on projects in a specific directions, managers should not come back and blame the engineers for not doing other things.

Uber Interview Questions

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People at Uber Say

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Working at Uber, you feel that you have been select to a revolution, to change the way people move in the world. Just some of good aspects are: - Talented people - Engineering challenges at scale that actually impacts people lives - Startup energy even after tremendous growth so far - Compensation & Benefits are one of the best in the region. Company is still growing fast, so you are always keeping up with the pace.
Team work; Access to great experiences and people; humbling to truly stand on the shoulder of Masters. The hiring process is failing, we are clearly not getting the best. Somewhere along the line there is someone not doing their job in filtering out the truly good and the mediocre leet-code caste of sheep; useless to the bone. Competition; odd contracts; uncertainty. There is an uneven pace to it all, but it bodes well with its centric office location. In essence, your job will be varied, and you will need to wear many technical hats; if you cannot learn on the job do not apply to this company.
I have learned an enormous amount about both software engineering and how to be effective in an organization the size of Uber. Uber seems to really be making an effort to do right by its various stakeholders in the wake of several controversies surrounding the company in 2017. Excellent opportunities for career growth. Uber rewards effort and impact with generosity and fairness. The business continues to grow rapidly even though it is already huge.
Over the last 3 months, I've seen and met a lot of engineers, product managers and others who are really smart, engaged and focused on providing the best possible quality (and I mean literally - we've had jams over how a certain animation impacts our users understanding of the product and the business impact). Things like ownership are fairly clear, people move fast and you really feel like you are delivering something valuable. Lack of some developer productivity infrastructure - I've been wanting a virtual machine with a static IP for a while and I can't get it yet. But they are aware, acknowledge the issue and are fixing it.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer I
$120,857 - Base
$39,857 - Stock
$14,286 - Bonus
Software Engineer II
$144,097 - Base
$81,694 - Stock
$18,694 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer
$185,811 - Base
$189,703 - Stock
$42,649 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer II
$204,500 - Base
$251,222 - Stock
$53,222 - Bonus
Staff Software Engineer 6
$232,000 - Base
$337,750 - Stock
$48,000 - Bonus