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Someone at Roblox says...

very interesting engineering problems to solve. It doesn’t feel like you’ll be fixing some small button on a web site.

Roblox Interview Questions

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People at Roblox Say

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Corporate culture of cultivating the strengths of every employee, putting the employee's growth ahead of company growth
Little giant tech company. Standard process and quality management. Easy to navigate.
Great team, collaborative. Fun to work with. Everyone in the company is willing to put in the hours and hard work to get project to the finish line. It's a very bottom up company - you have the freedom to bring your ideas to the table!
It's amazing to be a part of a company that is building the future. They care about innovation, are very focused on the long view (not taking short cuts), the CEO and founder is a visionary and thinks 5-25 years out. And the company is almost 80% eng and product so they practice what they preach. They also are 100% focused on building a safe platform which is important for our users.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer

$143,444 - Base
$52,667 - Stock
$25,333 - Bonus

$151,250 - Base
$98,500 - Stock
$0 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer

$188,571 - Base
$88,286 - Stock
$8,571 - Bonus

250k - Base
100k - Stock
0k - Bonus
Principal Software Engineer

$272,125 - Base
$148,875 - Stock
$1,250 - Bonus