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Someone at PayPal says...

Gives you great experience developing for enterprise level technologies that you may not experience at other places. This forces you to learn a lot about security, localization, and infrastructure. Great Benefits, work/life balance, generous employer. Too much middle management, wish my team was better shielded against the management chain politics. A lot of people are complacent with their skill level, so you have to look hard and intentionally place yourself into communities of people interested in growing.

PayPal Interview Questions

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People at PayPal Say

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Good compensation and benefits. Able to work on interesting and meaningful projects if you take initiative . Relatively relaxed and laidback - PTO, work from home, usually not too much work. This is said many times before, but quite a bureaucracy with office politics . Knowledge sharing is minimal if you don’t take the time to go out and learn it. Dependent on product managers you work with, but often will be brushed aside if your work is considered low priority. Many moving parts mean slowness, projects could drag very long if it involves work from other teams. Continue being champions for your employees. Many people do want to do meaningful work and stay busy but office politics often gets in the way of that.
Good work/life balance for teams that do not affect PayPal's bottom line. CEO is a great guy with a solid vision for the company. Good perks. Free soda, lots of events, technology training courses. If you can keep up with the high work demands, there is good upward mobility up to a certain point. Mediocre culture (perks != culture). Don't get caught up in the petty battles to impress your boss. Or, if you do, don't involve those working under you.
Work life balance (depends on team) Good pay (competitive in industry) Opportunities to move around internally Growing space of payments. Chaotic at times with constantly changing priorities. Vacation plan (unlimited but restricted to 3 weeks a year in practice). Blame games / politics. Not yet technology focused company (product / business driven). Genuine focus on technology/quality will help compete better with upcoming technology driven players in payments industry.
Brand value, market leader is payments , smart folks overall. Consistent growth. Campus in San Jose is nice. Some groups have good amount of fun. Too many reorgs in product area, ex eBay "leaders" killing the culture of bottom up innovation. Some key tech "gurus" prevent any kind of change in infrastructure. Please hire good leadership talent. These ex eBay guys, who used to address PayPal as "those guys" before the split, stuck promotion deals and came over to make a quick buck after the split. They don't really care much for the success Paypal. Currently they are all holed up CPI but they are starting to eye other groups now.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer I
Technologist 1
$109,000 - Base
$13,750 - Stock
$11,500 - Bonus
Software Engineer II
Technologist 2
$125,000 - Base
$11,571 - Stock
$12,857 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Technologist
$123,462 - Base
$27,385 - Stock
$13,231 - Bonus
Staff Software Engineer 1
Member of Technical Staff 1
$168,222 - Base
$43,000 - Stock
$16,111 - Bonus
Staff Software Engineer 2
Member of Technical Staff 2
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus