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Someone at Tesla says...

From time to time I do feel intimidated because of just how knowledgeable they are, but they are very open to helping you and giving advices to guide you along

Tesla Interview Questions

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People at Tesla Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

I have worked at Tesla for 2 years and have been able to design, develop and manage large projects that have saved the company money and time.
Elon Must was not my direct boss, but his vision of the company has brought it to such a level that it makes me proud to have ultimately worked for him.
Not a bad place to work if your first option in Kansas City falls through.
One of the things I really enjoy here is that they are approachable and very helpful if you need help or have questions.

Engineering Levels

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Associate Engineer

$113,250 - Base
$17,125 - Stock
$250 - Bonus

$133,100 - Base
$29,500 - Stock
$0 - Bonus
Senior Engineer

$148,000 - Base
$53,700 - Stock
$5,000 - Bonus
Staff Engineer

$184,333 - Base
$128,889 - Stock
$18,667 - Bonus
Sr. Staff Engineer

$200,000 - Base
$171,250 - Stock
$0 - Bonus