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Someone at Spotify says...

The work life balance is excellent. Upper management is transparent and honest. Compensation is good (but not as good as other big tech companies). The NYC office is beautiful and the food program has gotten so much better over time.

Spotify Interview Questions

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People at Spotify Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Pay is mid-tier. Still great if you're comfortable knowing most SWE's at other tech companies make more than you.
Spotify is overall a great place to work if you have or are starting a family. The parental leave program is second to none and they're extremely supportive as you reintegrate back into the office.
Some of the internal tooling was fun to play around with if you're a music nerd.
Offers amazing growth opportunity's. Great Benefits, Incredible amenities and perks.

Engineering Levels

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Associate Engineer

$110k - Base
$10k - Stock
$0k - Bonus
Engineer I

$123,600 - Base
$18,600 - Stock
$2,000 - Bonus
Engineer II

$173,833 - Base
$27,417 - Stock
$583 - Bonus
Senior Engineer

$190,000 - Base
$41,000 - Stock
$786 - Bonus
Staff Engineer

$224,875 - Base
$72,875 - Stock
$5,375 - Bonus