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Someone at Coinbase says...

Coinbase is a fast-paced environment with a healthy engineering culture that offers the opportunity to work on industry-leading products used by millions of customers. The company offers good benefits and has transitioned well to a remote-first culture during COVID. Despite leadership problems, the company is doing well due to it's strong market position.

Coinbase Interview Questions

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People at Coinbase Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Coinbase doesn't have time to slow down. We just did our direct listing and everyone is back to work since we have a very big mission to execute towards: economic freedom for the entire world.
Coinbase does so many things to make sure you enjoy your job. Amazing benefits. The crypto industry is really exciting and hard work pays off. Lots of smart people who are good to work with and the company outlook is generally positive.
Very good compensation, great colleagues, clear career development tracks for both ICs and EMs. Lots of opportunites to give feedback to leadership and it gets addressed most of the time.
Get to work with cutting edge web technology (Go, GRPC, React with Concurrent Mode/Suspense, TypeScript). Also really high bar for talent!

Engineering Levels

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$140,625 - Base
$23,875 - Stock
$7,625 - Bonus

$160,125 - Base
$48,625 - Stock
$1,875 - Bonus
Senior SWE

$187,000 - Base
$104,067 - Stock
$20,400 - Bonus

$219,286 - Base
$318,571 - Stock
$21,286 - Bonus

260k - Base
206k - Stock
0k - Bonus