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Someone at Cisco says...

Top Ranked Networking company in the world. Best place for learn new things to improve technology. Globally trusted brand and have a very high value of its name. Abundant learning and explore many things. Challenging environment and trustworthy Corporate. Good Working culture and Diversity.

Cisco Interview Questions

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People at Cisco Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Very Good exposure to the new technologies . Excellent Work Life balance. Campus is too good and well maintained. Good people to work with. Employee Benefits are attractive. Process oriented. No hike every year but it is definitely kept in mind and normalization is done in coming years. Lot of approvals required for any change /request which makes the work lagging at times. This process should be at ease.
I have been with Cisco as a campus hire for almost 2 years now. Didn't feel like the company is fit for freshers, but good and manageable if you really want to purse in networking domain. Company culture is good. Not toxic or work obsessed. Very employee friendly in terms for PTOs, WFHs, Maternity/Paternity leaves etc. Code reviews usually make you a good progammer but it depends on the attitude of the reviewers. Treat employees well in terms of salary. Don't hoard cash and put everything in company's bank account.
Flexibility is given to employee to work and complete projects in time. Market leader in networking with great innovation and technologies to learn and work. High-Profile customers but you need to be technically solid to handle one. Low salaries compared to rest of networking companies. HR are mostly sleeping here as no actions to correct as per Market standard. Sometime a pay hike can take 3-4 years to happen. Because of these good people leave.
Great work life balance. Great work atmosphere and facilities at work. Opportunities for furthering technical skills with trainings and talks. Opportunities to work on things that interest you technically outside of your everyday work. You actually find a healthy number of older developers here. Pay when you join is pretty competitive. There are too many employees and it's difficult to be recognized. Pay hikes don't happen every year and can be less depending on the team or BU you are in.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer 1
Grade 4
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Software Engineer 2
Grade 6
$113,182 - Base
$3,545 - Stock
$12,727 - Bonus
Software Engineer III
Grade 8
$122,160 - Base
$11,320 - Stock
$14,760 - Bonus
Software Engineer IV
Grade 10
$144,179 - Base
$28,214 - Stock
$24,071 - Bonus
Technical Leader 1
Grade 11
$157,077 - Base
$39,692 - Stock
$30,308 - Bonus