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Someone at Glassdoor says...

Glassdoor's culture is very collaborative with great people. There's a high level of autonomy and trust to make an impact. Love my coworkers and miss being in the office together!

Glassdoor Interview Questions

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People at Glassdoor Say

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Glassdoor is the favorite company I've worked for so far in my career. First and foremost, the company has an amazing company culture. People are really good to one another here. While people are smart and driven, they also care about making sure that everyone works together well.
Great culture and benefits. Product is pretty easy to learn. Plenty of resources to help you be successful. Company did take care of employees with severance when company did major layoffs.
The pay has also been pretty solid this fiscal year as well. Since we were projecting very low performance initially (due to changes in books, partnerships, and products), it’s been great for people to overachieve.
Glassdoor is very transparent. The leadership is so encouraging and they really listen whenever you have concerns. The benefits and salary are the best I've had in 10+ career since college. I'm so lucky to work here.

Engineering Levels

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Associate Software Engineer

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Software Engineer

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Senior Software Engineer

$174,500 - Base
$33,250 - Stock
$16,000 - Bonus
Lead Software Engineer

190k - Base
23k - Stock
26k - Bonus
Senior Lead Software Engineer

220k - Base
95k - Stock
33k - Bonus