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Someone at Google says...

Work life balance can be what you want it to be on most teams. (Some teams are in more competitive sectors and require more crazy hours all the time - but very few of them). If you work 40 hour weeks without putting in anything extra,you'll fall behind them as they advance and you stand still - and maybe that doesn't matter, so it works out for everybody. But at least know where you would realistically stand. If you excel and work your butt off, you'll be compensated and promoted.

Google Interview Questions

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Interview Reports

People at Google Say

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They take very good care of their people. Lots of challenging work. More manual work than expected. People feeling very entitled, even though they are very nice. Scale and complexity of most of their systems. A significant portion of the people are focused on promotion.
Excellent stock & bonus, if you live on your salary you'll be making some serious bank towards retirement. Competition both to get in and to get promoted is severe and steep. You'll be making slow progress, if any, towards goals of advancement in title and responsibilities.
Amazing people to work with, exciting technology, high impact work. For a company that is all about scale, its biggest problem is scaling to the # employees and the expanding breadth of scope. Some areas are very top heavy. Don't lose the engineering focused culture of trust and openness.
Perks and benefits are awesome. Great people there, I made some friends for life. Systems are overengineered to an extent that making progress is very slow and painful. It's part of the company culture at this point, so when new systems are created they typically suffer from the same problem. Prevent your teams from reinventing the wheel over and over again. Replace the bottom layers of the stack (Kernel, Linux distro, base system daemons) with upstream. Embrace OpenCompute for servers, racks and other DC components.

Engineering Levels

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$121,029 - Base
$41,690 - Stock
$19,841 - Bonus
$147,683 - Base
$78,940 - Stock
$29,357 - Bonus
Senior SWE
$178,805 - Base
$133,186 - Stock
$36,292 - Bonus
Staff SWE
$206,367 - Base
$187,333 - Stock
$67,867 - Bonus
Senior Staff SWE
$256,059 - Base
$286,176 - Stock
$83,294 - Bonus