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Someone at Coupa says...

Coupa helps businesses save money (business spend management), so there is lots of opportunity since its customer is any business in any industry. Because the nature of its business, there are lots of interesting work and projects going on. Despite its growth, its culture still maintains the pros of a small company. Everyone I've met are friendly, helpful and intelligent.

Coupa Interview Questions

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People at Coupa Say

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Welcoming and inclusive culture, from top to bottom. CEO leads the company with passion, honesty and integrity.
The people are great. Whether from customer support, to finance, to PM, to upper management, everyone is fun, down-to-earth, and understanding. The Product and Development teams in particular cultivate a strong culture which carefully straddles the line between employee and customer happiness.
Modern, Mid-Sized Company, hyper focused at gaining market share and retaining customers. Smart and dedicated peers to work with.
Building a real product that really useful and saves customer money. Pretty fun work environment with a lot of good colleague.

Engineering Levels

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Lead Software Engineer
Full Stack

180k - Base
80k - Stock
11k - Bonus
Testing (SDET)

122k - Base
12k - Stock
10k - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer
Full Stack

158k - Base
100k - Stock
10k - Bonus
Lead Software Engineer
Full Stack

165k - Base
150k - Stock
15k - Bonus
Lead Infra Engg

170k - Base
150k - Stock
30k - Bonus