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Someone at Sumo Logic says...

All the potential in the universe to be a differentiating company. The product is great and customers love it. With a few changes, this could be an incredible place to work! It was a wonderful environment even at the beginning of COVID 19 when everyone seemed to pull together but that has slowly changed over time.

Sumo Logic Interview Questions

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People at Sumo Logic Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Company is well positioned to be very successful in cloud + big data + analytics, strong growing list of customers.
Future has the potential to be bright. Sales team is working hard and the deals are coming in. There are continually new visions for the product that can be fantastic, if they are done right. Could be worse.
Exceptionally talented and dedicated coworkers who love to learn, collaborate, and have fun together.
Get to learn and practice cutting edge technologies on real time search, live stream processing, and more. Company is very focused on having great tech. They realize it's the backbone to a great product.

Engineering Levels

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Web Development (Front-End)

175k - Base
3k - Stock
N. A. - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer I
Web Development (Front-End)

182k - Base
N. A. - Stock
3k - Bonus
Software Engineer II
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

165k - Base
136k - Stock
N. A. - Bonus
Software Engineer II
Web Development (Front-End)

152k - Base
75k - Stock
N. A. - Bonus
Software Engineer II
Web Development (Front-End)

55k - Base
32k - Stock
N. A. - Bonus