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Someone at AT&T says...

Flexible management, flexible work hours (within reason), generous sick day policy and maternity/paternity leave, great insurance options, WFH opportunities, and competitive salary compensations

AT&T Interview Questions

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People at AT&T Say

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You’ll experience a lot of different situation and softwares
Excellent work-life balance, Application is updating with new technology,good learning
Nice desktop, good salary, huge lounge, location is easy to drive to, and decent employee parking.
Good work/life balance, excellent benefits, wide variety of work, unlimited room to grow

Engineering Levels

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106k - Base
6k - Stock
11k - Bonus
Full Stack

106k - Base
N. A. - Stock
13k - Bonus

99k - Base
N. A. - Stock
8k - Bonus
Tech specialist
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

115k - Base
N. A. - Stock
15k - Bonus
Web Development (Front-End)

91k - Base
N. A. - Stock
9k - Bonus