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Someone at DocuSign says...

I worked in the tech industry for many years and happily progressed on my career path when a recruiter from DocuSign reached out to me. I used their products over the years and was aware of their frequent high ranking on the 'best places to work' list but wasn't actively looking for new opportunities. The recruiter, her name is Priya, was very personable and affable in her 'cold call' email. Her initial email was so personal that I felt compelled to thank her for reaching out. In short succession, and without 'sales pressure,' she connected me with a hiring manager. Again, it was a great first impression meeting with the Hiring Manager, and we were able to find a role that makes good use of my strengths and offers plenty of personal and professional growth.

DocuSign Interview Questions

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People at DocuSign Say

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The culture is great. The company is growing and we still have a small company feel but with big company benefits.
People are nice / smart all the way up the chain of command. Could be different for other people, but deadlines are virtually nonexistent or just very lax, which makes for flexible work schedules and low pressure. Internal telemetry tool is really great, probably better than most BI products that people use. Benefits are very generous. Stable company even during COVID times.
DocuSign has this “come, do the work of your lives” objective when it comes to its employees and their work and the leadership stands on that to make sure of it.
DocuSign is a fantastic place to work. I've been there for 3 years, and feel incredibly fortunate to have found a company that cares deeply about the work culture, its employees and communities.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer

$107,000 - Base
$30,600 - Stock
$6,400 - Bonus

115k - Base
60k - Stock
10k - Bonus

$139,714 - Base
$55,714 - Stock
$6,857 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer

$167,273 - Base
$61,455 - Stock
$12,636 - Bonus
Lead Software Engineer

$197,333 - Base
$130,833 - Stock
$28,000 - Bonus