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Someone at Goldman Sachs says...

You'll have the opportunity to work with other smart, hardworking colleagues. The problems you'll work on are interesting and challenging. There's a culture of excellence and overall delivering solid technical solutions to problems that require high scalability.

Goldman Sachs Interview Questions

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People at Goldman Sachs Say

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People are open to receiving and giving constructive feedback regularly. For Software Engineers specifically, you get the chance to work on a lot of different parts of software development from gathering user requirements, translating the requirements in code, testing, and deploying technology.
As a new joiner, you are given space to learn on small projects - it's like learning to bring code of college sized projects to production
The people are the best part of Goldman Sachs, working with some of the best in the world on cutting edge problems is a lot of fun
GS has a great amount of learning opportunities due to its vast network of engineers/areas of expertise. There is always someone to learn from.

Engineering Levels

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$111,026 - Base
$564 - Stock
$25,590 - Bonus

$132,027 - Base
$0 - Stock
$35,351 - Bonus
Vice President

$155,647 - Base
$2,824 - Stock
$51,706 - Bonus
Managing Director

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus