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Someone at Atlassian says...

Atlassian is a values-driven company and they genuinely live those values (and don't just talk about them). We look outwards and take being a good corporate citizen very seriously. Our staff are astonishingly diverse, capable and committed. Our work/life balance, along with our staff benefits, are excellent. Atlassian has a large product suite - some in-house and some acquired - many with a long history. Equally we have large customer base of users and plugin providers. Moving forward with speed can be very challenging as there is so much to consider.

Atlassian Interview Questions

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People at Atlassian Say

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High performing teams, meaningful products, teammates are dependable, helpful, clever, nice. Good values, lawful, inclusive. The founders are still owning the company = long-term vision. A lot of tech stacks are on the edge. Excellent work/life balance. Some old code here and there. Unavoidable: changes are slow because the products are big, the teams are many and the criticity is high.
ShipIt days and innovation weeks provide many opportunities to try out new things. Personal budget and time given for attending conferences and attending courses. Depending on which team you are in, even being a senior engineer can be too low to have any impact on architectural decisions or the choice of technologies used by your team.
Atlassian is a nice place to work at, it has the perks: breakfast, lunch, open floor plans, semi-relaxed work atmosphere, etc. You can generally work in your own style and 90% of the time that's okay - which is a really good thing. If you don't care about your career from the start, you're happy just to coast for years and have no desire to move forward, then this job is for you. But, if you care about your career progression, you have a passion for software development and want to make the world a better place, then stay far away from their "Graduate Developer" program - they'll only stop you, halt you and won't ever recognize the good work that you do until maybe half a decade down the track they decide that you're a real developer and should be treated accordingly.
Great culture, feels startup-like but at scale. A company that really believes in its core principles (which are on display everywhere, in case you forget them!). And, when I had to leave (for reasons that had nothing to do with the company), Atlassian were extremely helpful and understanding. Definitely more for extroverts than introverts! If you want to just sit in a corner and do whatever you do, don't work here. Also, company has a great work-life balance, for most employees - but expect the borders between work & life to blur.

Engineering Levels

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Junior Engineer
$86,000 - Base
$21,250 - Stock
$10,500 - Bonus
$159,250 - Base
$36,250 - Stock
$18,000 - Bonus
Senior Engineer
$145,500 - Base
$30,500 - Stock
$19,333 - Bonus
Principal Engineer
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Senior Principal Engineer
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus