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Someone at Square says...

If you are mission driven, then you would enjoy this company and it's mission of Economic Empowerment. Lots of interesting business problems to solve. These problems often translate into complex engineering challenges. Square also has scale both in terms of product and org. Most recently a lot of groups started the long journey of cloud migration. Overall technical direction of the company is often missing and it's left to teams to get aligned. While this meritocratic approach can lead to best team's solution wins situations, this is not always the case. Technical decision making is often slow as a result of this approach.

Square Interview Questions

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People at Square Say

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In software engineering, you are exposed to all kinds of interesting problems in the financial space. Engineering talent was a positive surprise. Company grew from 2000 to almost 4000 relatively quickly. Career advancement can depend on department and manager, although it's a very typical problem at most places I have been working at. Being on-call is expected. The on-call experience is also very team dependent.
We’re empowering the small business owners and entrepreneurs of the world Square has huge growth potential Growth potential means growth opportunities for all of us as employees Square is very efficiently managed without all of the waste of many SF companies. This business knows how to grow All of my coworkers are insanely smart. Very few. The 401k match was capped at 1500 in 2017 but its doubling for 2018. This is still a bit low compared to some other companies but not too bad.
As a developer specifically, great engineering culture, they actually care about things like testing their code that many startups only give lip service to. Still has a startup-like atmosphere for a pretty old company. Some nice fringe benefits, health/dental/vision 100% lots of cheap-to-free food. Low salaries for a public company, equity compensation for me was equal to about 1 year salary but vesting over 4 years, even including the 25% premium it’s still low for the SF bay area. Required engineers to be on-call, at least on my team, but did not properly compensate. I have never worked anywhere that required engineers to be on-call unless it was shortly after a launch maybe they would be expected to fix their code if it failed catastrophically but not like this.
Management is really supportive and puts a huge emphasis on how they are there to help you. In addition, my co-workers are all very receptive to questions and are always willing to help. I also really appreciate the culinary team here - the food here is out of this world! The company is really aware about diversity and social issues. The art and design team is really strong here and I love working with beautiful products! It's also really exciting to see the company grow at such a fast rate!Keep it up! I really like how things are right now and I'm glad the company is transparent in everything that it does.

Engineering Levels

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Level 3
$131,000 - Base
$52,400 - Stock
$6,000 - Bonus
Level 4
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Level 5
$160,200 - Base
$127,000 - Stock
$900 - Bonus
Level 6
$193,000 - Base
$233,750 - Stock
$7,500 - Bonus
Level 7
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus