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Someone at UiPath says...

I completely lucked into finding this job. Was looking heavily at other opportunities in the NYC area when a recruiter pitched this job to me out of the blue.

UiPath Interview Questions

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People at UiPath Say

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It's incredibly exciting to be at UiPath. You'll never be bored because aside from the client work (which includes Demos, POCs and Support) you are also encouraged to work on internal initiatives. If you are a hard worker and a self-starter you can really succeed here.
Great work life balance, a sense of product/feature ownership, fit space for personal development, good communication, nice benefits
Awesome benefits/perks (free meals, unlimited vacation days, truly flexible hours, unlimited work from home days and more)
Good work with as much exposure as much you would want to get. So, you are the one limiting yourself here.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer

140k - Base
49k - Stock
28k - Bonus
Software Engineer II

155k - Base
83k - Stock
47k - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer

$193,333 - Base
$111,500 - Stock
$42,667 - Bonus
Principal Software Engineer

205k - Base
50k - Stock
25k - Bonus
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus