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Someone at Anaplan says...

Company at rapid development phase with engineering still in immaturity- immature tooling and ci cd process so the upside to do something challenging and make a mark is high if you are up for it

Anaplan Interview Questions

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People at Anaplan Say

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The managers here don't have a clue about engineering. None of them would know how to write a single line of code in any programming language. This is great if you are lazy and want to dial it in at work. I think some of my co workers have second jobs where they spend most of their time.
worked at four previous companies. . . This is by FAR my Best Company, Best Job, Best Management Team, Best Experience. can not say enough positive things about Anaplan.
Innovative platform, Enthusiatic customers, great culture, intelligent people, competitive compensation, amazing environment . . . . really enjoy my job!
Fast growing company. Excellent product platform that provides creative and challenging opportunities for SW engineers. Strong and expanding customer base. Strong cultural values that permeate throughout the company. Fun place to work with very talented co-workers. LOVE my job.

Engineering Levels

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Distributed Systems (Back-End)

231k - Base
100k - Stock
34k - Bonus
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

187k - Base
55k - Stock
28k - Bonus
API Development (Back-End)

150k - Base
35k - Stock
15k - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer
Site Reliability (SRE)

215k - Base
55k - Stock
32k - Bonus
API Development (Back-End)

130k - Base
N. A. - Stock
13k - Bonus