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Someone at Dropbox says...

Big, successful tech company that makes money by selling a product rather than its users’ private data; product is beloved by many; practically limitless scope for career growth of individual contributors, without needing to transition to management; effective processes for high-level product and technical decision-making; great work/life balance; top-tier office and job perks. Take people management more seriously as a skill; work with technical leadership to foster a stronger culture around code quality.

Dropbox Interview Questions

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People at Dropbox Say

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Transparency is something that is great to see here - people are pretty open, willing to share information and willing to help you get acclimated. The tech culture seems somewhat mature but with a lot of room to grow as well, and no shortage of interesting problems still yet to solve, which can somewhat be an issue at a post-IPO company of this size. Ethically, this company seems to be in the right place and committed to doing the right thing - as opposed to the issues at other tech giants like Facebook, Google, Uber. Huge emphasis on security culture, which is excellent to see.
Unbeatable perks and wellness benefits, food, people, etc. Compensation is one of the highest in silicon valley after Netflix which is in the middle of nowhere. High employee happiness and great work life balance. Focuses a lot on growth and career advancement. Company and management are very invested in employees and employee retention. Very young managers many of which who are ex-engineers. Many employees don't believe in the long term company vision. Company is struggling to differentiate itself from competitors.
Really strong engineering team. Teammates are curious and competent. I enjoy knowing that any random person I meet on a cross-functional project will generally be a pleasure to work with. Plenty of big challenges to sink your teeth into. If you're up for the task, career growth has a stellar trajectory. Work-life balance is excellent both on a weekly basis and regarding vacation. Unlimited vacation lives up to its claims here.
Really smart, motivated people. Very collaborative culture - people are always willing to help solve problems or answer questions. Amazing office space and fantastic perks. Growing pains as the company grows from a small, agile startup to something bigger that needs more process. Leadership can be hit or miss - some projects Dropbox executes on amazingly well but others feel like vanity projects for leadership that won't go anywhere.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer (SWE)
$117,467 - Base
$45,000 - Stock
$5,667 - Bonus
$156,500 - Base
$71,292 - Stock
$14,167 - Bonus
$185,000 - Base
$128,778 - Stock
$27,667 - Bonus
$197,769 - Base
$227,692 - Stock
$37,769 - Bonus
Staff SWE
$231,250 - Base
$250,000 - Stock
$72,500 - Bonus