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Someone at C3.ai says...

The work I do at C3 is nothing short of invigorating. I am encouraged to work hard due to my belief in the companies vision and the variety of truly fascinating problems I get to solve. My colleagues at C3 are nothing short of superlative and it is an honor to work with such brilliant folks. If you are someone who does not shy away from hard work, C3 is the place for you.

C3.ai Interview Questions

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People at C3.ai Say

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People love the ceo. i heard it during interviews and i hear it very often. again feels a bit unnatural, but again, hey. . . its not a bad thing
I joined recently and was able to get a feel that the company even after going public has a very start-up mentality and you are surrounded by smart people. Everyone in the company looks like they are on a mission, which is great for the companies future.
You get to work with awesome people in a positive environment that encourages you to do your best and grow in more ways than one. All aspects of the work thus far are more than satisfactory.
I am an experienced engineer, who has worked in a number of other companies before. C3. ai is the first company where I truly enjoy everything, and I can see myself staying here for a long time.

Engineering Levels

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Entry Level
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

121k - Base
40k - Stock
18k - Bonus
Entry Level
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

125k - Base
70k - Stock
19k - Bonus
Lead Software Engineer
Distributed Systems (Back-End)

190k - Base
300k - Stock
29k - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer
Full Stack

150k - Base
450k - Stock
25k - Bonus
Full Stack

120k - Base
30k - Stock
18k - Bonus